Cultural Exchanges Festival set to hit DMU for week of ‘ideas, inspiration and innovation’

By Samuel Gill

Next week sees the beginning of the Cultural Exchanges Festival which is described as an event about ‘ideas, insight and inspiration’ with guest speakers and events going on around campus all week.

Now in it’s 18th year, it is seen as an event that has a growing regional and national profile which offers over 50 events.

It attracts audiences upwards of 3,000 with most events free over the course of the week. Past speakers include Trevor Nelson, Benjamin Zephaniah and Alastair Campbell with this year’s including Jamal Edwards, Will Self and Anna Kessel with tickets available online for all the events.

Kate Askew, who is a student at De Montfort University and is head of Social Media Marketing and Engagement for this year’s festival, spoke to Leicestershire Press about the amount of work that goes into this.

“Basically, we start the module last year and you have to get an interview to even get onto the module so to be part of the team is a lengthy process anyway.

“Then you have to do everything from sponsorship to actually getting in contact with the famous people, volunteer coordination, finance and marketing. It puts everything into practice from across the year.”

Kate admitted that although the event means a lot, when added to reading week, it can sometimes not be as beneficial as it could be to DMU and the people who run it.

She said: “It means a lot and I think that the only thing that is hard to deal with is it would be beneficial to students but with it being in reading week, a lot of them go home.

“It really means a lot and especially because it’s a long running festival and has been going for 18 years, it’s all about the legacy.”

The event runs from Monday, February 25, until Friday, March 1, and you can book tickets for all the events here.

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