DMU Pakistani Society hosts a new cultural event

By Muhsin Cabdi

A De Montfort University Society is hosting a new event with cultural significance.

DMU’s Pakistani Society is hosting an event called the Mehfil-e-Mosique, after the society was re-initiated in January.

The event is scheduled to run tomorrow, on February 21 from 7.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. and will take place in the Taiba Lounge, located on 62 Evington Valley Road in Leicester.

The name means “Gathering of


Zain Afzal (right) and Muhammad Khan helped organise the event along with the rest of the committee of DMU’s Pakistani Society

Music” in Urdu and the event in question will feature cultural music of Pakistan.

The event will feature live Qawal music, a Sufi style Pakistani music which is known for featuring vocals and percussion instruments and clapping.

Zain Afzal, secretary of De Montfort University’s Pakistani Society, said: “Through their lyrics they try to show their love of god through the lyrics.”

Qawali has a history dating back centuries, and can be considered a central part of Pakistani heritage.

Zain said: “I’d say it’s really important mostly because it’s a way for people who aren’t as affluent as other people-people from less economically stable backgrounds to make a name for themselves and express their own identity and their own culture through the love of God and the lyrics that they create.”

Zain also said: “In our culture in Pakistan, it’s been going on for many, many years.

“But through Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan it got amplified to the wider society.”

The event will be performed by Chand Ali Khan alongside the Qawal Party who will be providing backup music for the event.

The event was organised by Zain Afzal, along with the rest of the committee of De Montfort University’s Pakistani Society.

Zain said: “We did all the booking, we’re providing the food for the event and we created this poster.

“All of it has been done through the hard work of the committee and we’re just hoping to get a good turnout.”

Tickets for the event are £16 for members of DMU’s Pakistani Society, £17 for non-members and £20 for VIP tickets.


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