Students voice opinions on ex-Vice-Chancellor’s salary

By James Cannell

It emerged recently that De Montfort University’s former Vice-Chancellor, Dominic Shellard, had become the highest paid vice chancellor in the East Midlands.

Professor Shellard, who resigned on Monday, was on a wage of £286,000 per year before he received a pay rise of £64,000 that put him up to £350,000 a year.

The Leicestershire Press spoke to some of DMU’s students about what they think about the payment and the Vice-Chancellor’s resignation.

George Orpe, Business Management and Economics student, said: “I can’t find any way to justify that pay, considering I have never seen him, aside from matriculations.”

Flo Stanley, Contour Fashion student, agreed, stating: “For someone who is getting paid that much, they must have been doing something amazing but if I’m honest I’ve never even heard of the guy.”

The accounts also showed that the now ex-Vice-Chancellor was living in a flat on the university campus for free as well as paying more than £2,500 towards a private club membership.

Danni Malyon, Fashion Buying and Marketing student, said: “I feel like it is not for a student to comment on. At the end of the day it is for the professionals to comment on, not students.”

But Shane Moran, Business Law student, said: “It does seem a bit odd to be a Vice-Chancellor’s pay. Everyone is now going to be looking into it.”

A DMU spokeswoman did comment on the matter stating “the raise was in recognition of the Vice-Chancellor’s significant impact on the university’s performance.”

A full public explanation of why Prof Shellard resigned has not been given and DMU is currently being run by Interim Vice-Chancellor Professor Andy Collop.

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