DMU Student wins charity award after spending 72 hours in ski boots

By Beth Surridge

A passionate skier at De Montfort University (DMU) has won an award for spending 72 hours in ski boots.

DMU student James Smith won the award from a charity called Snow Camp.

James, 23, who studies Business Management, is the Charity Secretary of the Snow Sports Society, otherwise known as DMU Snow.

He took it upon himself to think of some innovative challenges to raise money for the charity, one of them being spending 72 hours in ski boots, even in bed.


COMFY: James did not take his ski boots off for a whole 72 hours, not even for sleep!

He won the award in December and was presented with it on 18 January.

Those who donated then had the opportunity to give him a challenge to do in his ski boots. which ranged from riding a bike, going on a night out and dancing in the middle of Leicester City Centre.

James said: “I think winning the award was actually one of my proudest moments at university.”

He added: “As a student, I thought it was important to help young people. Snow Camp helps young people get onto the slopes, and that is something I have been very passionate about my whole life.”

Snow Camp’s mission is to give young inner-city children the opportunity to turn their lives around through snow sports, by giving them the opportunity to gain qualifications and help them to gain employment.

So far, James and DMU Snow have raised £400, but this is not the end; they are still brainstorming more ideas to raise even more money for the charity.

He added: “You’ll have to keep posted, we have got so many more ideas in the pipeline.”

If you wish to donate to their campaign, head to:

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