Leicester Riders forward Jamell Anderson on BBL season so far ahead of Christmas break: ‘I think overall we are handling things very well’

By Samuel Gill

At the halfway point in the season and with the Leicester Riders sitting currently at 6-2 in the league and having bowed out of the FIBA Europe Cup, key Leicester Riders forward Jamell Anderson has given his thoughts on the season so far.

The Nottingham ace said that despite the quick turnaround the side have had so far playing in multiple competitions, they have been handling it well despite having a clear effect on their fitness.

“It’s been a different start obviously with the European part of this season,” he said.

“The quick turnaround week in, week out has clearly had an effect on our legs but I think overall we handling things very well,” said Anderson.

Anderson returned to the side after playing in Australia and Spain for three years as well as for the Cheshire Phoenix and said it’s great to be back in front of the Riders’ faithful.

“Of course, being back in front of so many loyal and loving fans was something I was excited about,” said Anderson, who has a 33% three point record so far this season.

He also praised the staff at the club as one of his reasons for re-signing with the side: “The coaching staff and Leicester Riders staff are all so caring and motivating. I really enjoy playing at this club as my career has shown. It’s great to be back,”

Finally he spoke of his experience at the Commonwealth Games and said that despite not reaching his intended goal he enjoyed the experience.

“We (Team England) didn’t achieve our intended goal but I know I left everything on the floor and enjoy the experience for what it was.”

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