Leicester City Women captain Holly Morgan believes women’s football coverage has to improve

By Conor de Smith

Leicester City Women captain Holly Morgan believes coverage of women’s football has to improve.

The defender has captained the Foxes from the fourth tier up to the FA Women’s Championship but doubts the club has gained the recognition it deserves from the mainstream media.

Morgan, speaking after City’s 4-0 home defeat to Charlton Women on Sunday, understands the benefits of what media coverage can bring to teams at this level.


Leicester City Women captain Holly Morgan.

“I think it’s a great way to engage with the public. I think it’s a great way to show young girls or anyone what’s going on within our club, what we’re like, what we do and build that relationship even if it’s not face-to-face at the beginning. By the time they start coming to games and get the opportunity to meet us then that relationship starts to build,” she said.

“The media coverage is really important to start that relationship between us as a club and the public, which can only happen through media attention. People need to know about it first and then you build the relationship.

“If people are reading about it more and seeing more of it then they might come and watch on a Sunday. If it is not being covered then people won’t know of it naturally. They need to be told where we play, when we play, when the games are on. I don’t think they would naturally know what is going on.”

Leicester City Women received minimal coverage in their Midlands Division One title-winning season in 2016 despite winning 22 out of 22 league matches and the club still struggle to have stories published in local media. City instead rely on dedicated outlets such as SheKicks to tell their story.

How is women’s sport covered in the UK?

“If you can’t get that coverage in your local newspaper or local magazine then you are relying on SheKicks or similar publications to publish your story, your articles, your progression. Those publications are really important, I just hope that we have more.”

According to a Women in Sport’s 2014 report, women’s sport makes up seven per cent of all sports media coverage in the UK and just two per cent of national newspaper sports coverage is dedicated to women’s sport.

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