US Congressmen in Leicester react to Democrats’ winning election result in America


Thoughtful: Martin Lancaster and Thomas Petri.

By Hadil Hammoud

TWO American Congressmen on a visit to Leicester have given their reactions as this morning’s US election results filtered in.

Although the Republicans took an unassailable lead with 51 seats in the US Senate, The Democrats have had their big win on election day by winning the majority in the House of Congress – the first time in eight years that their party is in control of the lower chamber.

The mid-term elections happen every two years where the whole house of Representatives and one third of the 100-member Senate are elected. They usually represent a reaction to the US President’s performance.

The result is seen as bad for Donald Trump’s Republican party with the Democrats now controlling Congress and getting a much stronger say in where America is heading.

Martin Lancaster, former Congressman representing North Carolina, and Thomas Petri, who used to represent Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional dsitrict, were visiting De Montfort University in Leicester as part of the annual Congress to Campus event.

Mr Lancaster said: “There simply is going to be greater oversight of what Trump says and does.”

Mr Petri, however, who represented Wisconsin from 1979 to 2015, spoke more of what’s the come for America’s future. He said: “The next election is the most important election in American history.”

In the meantime, Trump took to Twitter to celebrate despite his loss, and sent some passive aggressive messages to the other parties in a very Trump-like style.

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