Students fear ‘Bede Park’ during dark hours of the day.

By Ethan Sandy & Ese Leah Aghedo


Students living in Code, Bede Hall and Merlin Heights are worried about walking through Bede park after a series of student related robberies.

On October 11th at 2:30am, two De Montfort University students were threatened at knife point for a series of goods; including money and an iPhone.

The victims reported the incident to the police who have since released CCTV video footage of the suspect and urged members of the Leicestershire community to come forward with any information.

Ese Leah Aghedo, a first-year Broadcast Journalism student lives at Code student accommodation, situated next to the park says she is “scared to walk through the park at night” and has had to change her route to attend her classes.

Students have been deterred by fellow students to stay away from the park, with many groups using different social media groups to keep others informed on the latest developments.

Ponci Koneswarean, a third-year Sociology student, who lives in Code, called for more “effective street lighting to be allocated in the park”.


Since the incidents Ponci is being more careful when going through the park to her halls of residence.

A  55-year-old women was raped in the park in October of 2017, leading to an arrest and prosecution.

In response to the recent crimes, De Montfort University released a statement saying they are “working closely with police” in an effort to “ensure our campus is safe”. Security was increased and students were encouraged to contact them if needed.





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