Storm Callum causes chaos on Mount Snowdon

By Alice Warner

A fundraising team from the Co-op managed to sing and dance their way up to the halfway house on Mount Snowdon, despite being affected by the worst storm in 30 years

The team of Co-op workers from around the Midlands braved storm Callum on Saturday, October 13 and started their adventure up the Llanberis route on Mount Snowdon.

Trevor Rigley, Co-op store manager and event organiser said: “Going was slow as the rain was coming down fairly hard, and the wind was so strong at times it would take you off your feet.

“I think in all honesty this just added to the adventure and we literally just stuck together and laughed at it.

“It wasn’t long before we were all absolutely soaked to the skin. It wasn’t cold so nobody really minded but the wind continued to get stronger.”


The team trekking in storm Callum trying to get to the highest point in Wales

Trevor is tackling Mount Everest next month in aid of Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice, Coventry and his team were all very enthusiastic about wanting to help train and fundraise.

So Snowdon was suggested for him to get a little taste of what was to come.

Little did they know that they were about to attempt climb the highest point of Wales in the worst storm of 30 years.

Mr Rigley added: “By the time we’d reached the halfway house we were meeting other trekkers coming back down who were explaining how bad it was going further up. At that point, on the advice of the guides, we reluctantly turned back.

“My team were amazing. They gave everything, they danced, they sang, nothing could dampen their spirits.

“A huge thank you to Maria, Chloe, Lee, David, Leanne and Abby for not only raising close to £1,000 for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice but for their energy and enthusiasm.”


Spirits are high as the team battle with the weather

Leanne Bosworth posted on Facebook: “Closed roads, power cuts, stupidly strong winds and graveyards with lights flickering.

“Being up close and personal with Storm Callum on the side of a mountain is definitely one to remember. We did this all to help a very special charity, Zoë’s Place.”

Trevor now has only a fortnight to go until he climbs to Everest base camp in Nepal, and is definitely more excited and prepared than he was for Snowdon.

He said: “The challenge is huge but I’ve trained hard, I’m really looking forward to learning about the culture and walking through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

“And who knows, I might get close to touching the sky.”


The storm took over as the team got to the halfway house on the Welsh mountain

A few years ago Trevor lost his father to cancer and, in those moments before he died, he told Trevor that he himself hadn’t said ‘yes’ to enough in life and he urged Trevor he needed to really live his life.

A year ago, Trevor received a call from Muna Chauhan, a Corporate Manager at Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice, asking him if he wanted to climb Everest in aid of the hospice.

Trevor explained: “I visited the hospice, saw the amazing work they do with the special babies and was entirely moved by it.

“The families faced challenges I couldn’t even imagine.”

As a father to be, he decided it was time to help, and he said ‘yes!’

Advice from Trevor is to just start with ‘yes’. He said: “You don’t even have to know how you are going to do something, once you’ve taken the first step with ‘yes’, it all falls into place.

“Anything becomes possible when you just have the bravery to say ‘yes’.”

Visit Trevor’s Just Giving page to read his full story.

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