Leicester Museum prepares to reopen exhibition


By Muhsin Cabdi

A museum in Leicester is hosting an event to celebrate the reopening of one of its most popular exhibitions.

Leicester’s New Walk Museum had to close one of its galleries last summer so that the Ancient Egyptian gallery could be rejuvenated.

A press release provided by the City Council on the 30th of August stated that the original gallery was to be closed that weekend for renovations.

The reason for the renovation was that the original gallery, which had remained the same since its opening in 1994, was considered to be old and outdated.

Bes-en-mut close up (1)

Mummy dearest:  Bes-en-Mut is one of the four mummies that will be on display in the new galleries.

The museum received £200,000 for the renovation project, along with an extra £145,000 grant from the DCMS/ Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund.

The Ancient Egyptian exhibition will now reside in two separate galleries in the New Walk Museum’s first floor.

Madeleine Redway, Press Officer for the Leicester City Council, said: “One is dedicated to life in Ancient Egypt and the other is dedicated to death in Ancient Egypt.”

The new galleries will host a wide range of artefacts dated to the ancient Egyptian period of history.

Madeleine said: “The main event this Saturday is the opening of our new Ancient Egyptian galleries.

“The brand new galleries contain 400 artefacts, paintings and sculptures.

“We have 4 mummies.”

The New Walk museum’s exhibition is said to host the most significant collection of artefacts in the West Midlands.

The renovations will allow the museum to show nearly three times more artefacts than there used to be on display.

The collections will include findings from several archaeological excavations conducted in the early 20th centuries.

The mummies that will be on display were sent to Leicester by John Mason Cook, the son of the famous pioneer Thomas Cook.

The galleries are expected to be popular with people from both Leicester and other cities, and the exhibitions are also expected to be very popular with children.

Madeleine also said: “There’s something about ancient Egypt and museums that kids find fascinating.”

The 2 new galleries situated on New Walk in Leicester are expected to open on Saturday, October 20.

Entrance to the museum and the new galleries will be free of charge on the opening day.

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