‘Anonymous’ vegan group demonstrates against animal exploitation outside Leicester Highcross McDonald’s

By Tyler Arthur 

Peaceful vegan protesters gathered in Leicester’s city centre on Saturday (Oct 6) afternoon to oppose the consumption of animal meat and exploitation of animals.

The group, dressed in masks to hide their identities, were aiming to raise awareness and promote the cause of veganism.

Members of the group ‘Anonymous for the Voiceless’ (AV) were assembled outside McDonald’s and the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, at the Highcross shopping complex.

The group describes itself on its website as ‘an animal rights organisation that specialises in street activism.’

Volunteers form their ‘Cube of Truth’ in public places, in which they stand in formation holding various screens and tablets which show looped footage of ‘local standard-practice’, depicting animal exploitation for consumption.


CUBE OF TRUTH: ‘Anonymous for the Voiceless’ demonstrating outside the Highcross McDonald’s, on Saturday.

Some of the AV members instead hold a sign simply with the word ‘Truth’ emboldened on it.

The videos which are shown are quite disturbing, and intentionally so, with a range of images varying from chicks being dropped into a meat grinder to cows being decapitated.

“Admittedly, the videos are gruesome, but we’re just showing you the truth,” said Michael Liggins, who organised the Saturday demonstration.

“That’s what people are paying for. You don’t realise it, but when you pay for meat, you are paying the farmer to rear them, the slaughterhouse to kill them, and the butcher to cut them up.”

Mr Liggins is one of the Leicester chapter’s two co-organisers and has been a member of AV for over a year now, on top of six years of veganism, preceded by two decades as a vegetarian.

“We don’t force anyone to watch the videos, ever – but we draw a crowd through the spectacle of the Cube – it’s like an art installation. Once people come to see what’s going on, they get the chance to see and hear what we have to say.”

Anonymous for the Voiceless has now held over 4,000 demonstrations in more than 750 different cities. Their main promotional video, again containing the gruesome images, urges people to “join the Vegan Revolution.”

“The problem with old-school animal rights activism is that it was more about giving out leaflets and stuff like that – but even I will admit I wouldn’t buy into that. We don’t chase after people to give them information – we let them come to us,” the organiser added.

On AnonymousForTheVoiceless.org they claim that they’ve convinced ‘at least 271,747 bystanders’ to do so.

AV: Leicester is just one of approximately 100 UK locations, and the Facebook group specifically for the city has 212 members.

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