DMU Media Production student creates feminist dissertation podcast

By Emily Barker

A Media Production student at De Montfort University (DMU) has created a podcast as part of her third year dissertation project.


The podcast has a different guest and a different topic each week, and topics so far have ranged from body positivity to arguments against feminism.

Abi Gibson, 23, said: “The purpose of this podcast, other than being for my dissertation, is to be relatable and show men how women feel as well as being inspiring and relatable to other women.

“I am passionate about feminism and identify as a feminist. That’s why I chose the description of the podcast to be ‘a podcast about women, chatting about all that women stuff’.

“I had to do something for my dissertation project, so what better way to do it than use my love of radio and my support of feminism.

“As it’s something I feel strongly about, I feel like I’m more able to give opinions on the topics I talk about and therefore provide more entertainment for the listeners.

“I chose to call my podcast The Colour Pink as it’s obvious in the sense that you know what it’s about.”

The podcast comes out weekly on a Friday and there is no budget for this project. All the episodes are pre-recorded a week before in the DemonFM training studio to make sure that the podcast is kept current. This week’s episode is all about sexism in the workplace.

After Abi has finished her dissertation, she is looking to do a second series of the podcast as doing her dissertation gave her the boost she needed.

Follow The Colour Pink on Twitter on @ColourPinkPod and you can subscribe and listen to The Colour Pink on iTunes by following this link:

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