Residents in uproar over new games room bid

By  Luke Smith

Objections have been raised regarding a proposal to build a games room standing at over four metres tall.

The proposed structure will be built at 3, Guildford Road, Leicester, subject to the plans being fully approved by Leicester City Council at a meeting tonight (Wednesday, March 14).

The plans have been brought before the Planning and Development Control Committee due to more than five objections being received, with the actual number of objections being nine objections.

The objections focus on concerns it will reduce the natural light and privacy of local residents, create noise and disturbance from the use of the extension, harm to amenities, in particular to privacy, safety and availability of on-road parking and to the right to enjoy a quiet and safe residential environment, cause the loss of a mature tree, and that the plans are not in keeping with the look of the surrounding area.

The plans submitted are for a games room for the property concerned, built 0.6 metres below the ground, and reaching over four metres upwards. The plans have been submitted by Mr Sukhjivan Singh.

In response to complaints brought about the destruction of a mature tree, a council statement said: “Planning permission will not be granted for any development that impinges directly or indirectly upon landscape features that have amenity value, including trees, unless the removal of the feature would be in the interests of good landscape maintenance or the desirability of the proposed development and outweighs the amenity value of the landscape feature.”

However, whilst the plans are affecting a mature tree, the plans have been suggested for approval, given the fact that the only trees affected will be in an adjacent neighbouring garden.

An official decision will be made at the Planning and Development Control Committee tonight.

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