Locals support Evington speed zone

By Olivia Mumby

Evington residents have shown their support for an increase in traffic calming measures and an extension on the existing 20mph speed zone in their village.

The proposals are set to be put before Leicester City Council planning meeting this Wednesday [14th March] and include the addition of seven new speed cushions and two road humps positioned around an existing pedestrian crossing, along with the expansion of the existing 20mph zone to 24 additional streets.

In a survey conducted by the council, 282 residents were asked their opinions on the proposals, with 238 people expressing their support.

Councillor Ratilal Govind has also expressed her support, saying: “I welcome the proposals that have been made and as ward councillor my view is to go ahead with the proposal.”

It is estimated that the plans will cost £60,000 to carry out.

However, objections have been made to the traffic calming measures put forward, including one from an Evington resident which states: “I foresee that the speed hump on Evington Lane will result in vibrational damage to my property. I expect the city council in going ahead to be accepting liability for any such damage.”

The objector continues: “There is also risk of death or serious injury to cyclists: Most cars drive into the layby to go around the speed bumps rather than drive over it.

“I worry that cars will veer into the cycle lane on Evington lane rather than go over the speed bump.”

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