Leicester City Council gives conditional approval to convert family house into flats

By Alice Warner

Planning permission to turn a terraced house in Cambridge Street, Leicester, into three flats has been given conditional approval from the city council even though the area is striving to gain more family housing.

This area, just off Narborough Road, is covered by an article 4 direction, which restricts any changes to use of a shared house, to prevent undue loss of family homes in the area. This application is for flats and not for shared housing.

The proposal for 25 Cambridge Street is to change the use of the terraced house to three flats, comprising of a two bedroom flat on the ground floor, a one bedroom flat on the first floor and a studio flat within the roof space.

The applicant is also seeking permission for a single storey rear extension.

Neighbours were notified by letter and some objections were received, one of which was from ward councillor Sarah Russell who objected on the grounds of over development, insufficient noise protection between the flats and insufficient waste facilities.

Other grounds of objection from neighbours include: that the applicant has no right to convert the house into a house of multiple occupation because of the article 4 restrictions, it would not be in keeping with the neighbourhood, there would be an increased flow of waste, it would cause a decrease in value to the other properties and would lead to a significant increase in environment noise and traffic.

Some houses on this road have already been converted into flats, however, which are in keeping with the terraced housing in Narborough Road.

In addition to this, the policy of the City of Leicester Local Plan states that: “There is a priority need for larger family housing.”

This house is a two bed, terraced property and therefore could be suitable for a small family in the area.

The conditions for any approval are recommended to include that the self-contained flats must have a satisfactory living environment, arrangements for bin storage and provision for amenity space.

The application is due to be discussed tonight (Wednesday, March 14).



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