Students enjoy the snow as Leicester University teachers strike

By Alex Leadbitter

Students in Leicester were able to enjoy the snow as their university teachers continued to strike.

Teachers from over 50 universities all around the UK took strike action because of a dispute over pensions.

With classes not in session, and Britain under a blanket of snow, students searched for the biggest hills they could find to take advantage of their time off university and to let off some steam.

Leicester University students brought out their sledges to make the most of the recent snowfall as their classes were not being taught.

Marion Ratier, Archaeology student at Leicester University,  said: “It’s really annoying that we don’t have classes because we’ve got exams coming up and it’s a very important time for students.

“But we thought that we can’t do anything about it now so we may as well have a little bit of fun in the snow and enjoy ourselves with the time we have off.”

University lecturers from Leicester, Oxford, Cambridge and many more walked out in protest of what they feel are unfair pension changes to the Universities Superannuation Scheme.

It is claimed this will leave a typical lecturer almost £10,000 a year worse off in retirement.

Lecturers at the University of Leicester have been on strike for two weeks, and a recent announcement from the university indicates that they will continue to strike for a further two weeks, leaving students without classes leading into the Easter holiday.

These strikes have received a backlash from students at about 30 universities who have signed petitions asking for refunds.

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