Holiday misery for students stranded in Amsterdam by ‘Beast from the East’

By Ollie Churm

Two university students from Leicester and Birmingham were stranded in Amsterdam after the ‘Beast from the East’ weather system forced their flight home to be cancelled.

Leicester and most of the UK was plagued last week with horrendous weather that was tagged ‘the Beast From The East’.

Temperatures reached as low as -6° and snow covered most of the country, causing transport delays and cancelled flights.

Erin Howell, 19, a psychology student from Leicester and her partner from Birmingham, were stranded in Amsterdam last Friday when their flight to Birmingham was cancelled due to the bad weather conditions.

They were forced to wait an extra three days before they finally got a flight home on Monday, a delay which cost her an extra £400 and to take time off university.

Miss Howell said not only was the cancelled flight inconvenient, but she accused the airline KLM, who they dealt with, of being extremely rude to them. Staff didn’t let them know the flight was cancelled until 20 minutes before they were meant to board, making it difficult to make other arrangements.

“After we were told the flight was cancelled, the staff were really rude, saying they didn’t know when the next flight would be, and we would have to sort everything ourselves,” she said.

“They didn’t give us any information on how to get another flight or what to do if we didn’t have any more money. So, I then ended up spending an extra £400 which I’m unsure if I will get refunded.”

The extra money Erin spent means she will be struggle with her finances, especially as she has her car insurance to pay soon as well.

Although the stress of this experience did take away from her enjoyment of the holiday, she said they tried to make the most of the extra days in Amsterdam, which turned out to be the days with the best weather.


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