Varsity delay won’t hold back men’s first team

By James Cannell

The Varsity 2018 first team rugby match in Leicester has been cancelled due to ground conditions, but the De Montfort University men’s side is determined that won’t hold them back.

The legendary main event of the various annual Varsity contests sees both University of Leicester and De Montfort University’s rugby teams go head to head in a fierce battle.

The first teams were set to play on Thursday (March 8), after the other teams but, according to the players and the coach, the pitch at the Leicester Tigers’ Welford Road ground ‘isn’t looking very good.’


However, this hasn’t stopped the players from continuing their training and preparation.

Callum Dewson, hooker for the first team and a Policing student at DMU, said: “Training has been very intense coming up to Varsity, we have been training a lot more in the week than we usually would.”

Callum and the rest of the team were devastated to hear that the game was cancelled. He said: “We are very disappointed because it is something that we were looking forward to.”

The event would have seen both the men’s and the women’s first team playing against the other university’s team for a full contact 80-minute match.

The game was cancelled because of ‘weather conditions’ and the Welford Road stadium staff were worried it could harm the pitch’s quality for the Leicester Tigers’ game against Wasps on March 25.

The game has been rescheduled for May 2. Callum said: “It gives us something to look forward to.”

Tickets are still available for £5 from




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