DMU Fashion student to open own clothing brand

by George Picton-Clark

A Fashion Buying student at De Montfort University with a strong passion for clothing and design is set to open her online fashion store this Spring.

19 year old Olivia Barnard has always had a passion for creating and designing clothing. Her passion started at a young age after watching videos of designers online.

Primarily, the clothing store will focus on slogan design t-shirts and other self-made designs. “I love slogan t-shirts anyone knows me, knows I love them. It is just for me.”


After spending two years studying fashion at college, Olivia decided to come to De Montfort University to expand her knowledge and gain more insights into the world of fashion, doing this through her fashion buying course.

“Knowing about buying strategies allows me to understand what the general public are interested in and what they want at the moment.”

The clothing brand will be called “Re-Joyced” and it will have an online store where customers can scroll through designs and items.

“The company has had quite a lot of interest.” she added

“A lot of my friends and friends of friends have messaged me asking where I got my t-shirts from. This is something which has encouraged me to take things a step further and open a store.”

A lot of the designs focus heavily on modernised cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh.

“My first trial design was Winnie the Pooh, I wanted to create a style which shows growth, replacing the traditional honey jar with a money jar instead.”

For more information on the upcoming store visit




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