De Montfort University’s Varsity 2018: How is the lacrosse captain feeling in the run up to the final match

By Alexandra Smith


De Montfort University’s women’s lacrosse team have been busily completing their final preparations for their Varsity tournament against the University of Leicester.

In her third and final year of University at De Montfort, captain Emily Bibby described the excitement that is building up ahead of the big contest.

She said there is a real importance placed upon Varsity because it shows a real sense of progression for the sports teams who have been dedicated to daily training sessions throughout the year.

“It’s going to be a good match because we know what type of team they are,” she said, “they are an amazing team, but most importantly it will be a showcase of our progression throughout the year versus Leicester.”image1

Emily is looking to continue her passion for lacrosse next year after completion of her time at De Montfort University.

“Depending on how my course goes, next year if I choose to do a Master’s degree or not, it would be nice to still play lacrosse even if I do not play it competitively,” she said.

With every sports team playing their matches on different days throughout the week, it presents a variety of possibilities for students to get involved and find out more about a particular team that they may find themselves playing for the following year.

The lacrosse matches will be taking place on Sunday, March 11, with the men’s team taking centre stage to begin and the women’s team following on. With an overall defeat against the University of Leicester last year, the women hope they can turn it around for the better in 2018.

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