Cold weather stops more than just buses

By Tristan Purnell 

It would appear that the winter weather has stopped more than the buses this winter after a climate change expert had to cancel his trip to Leicester – because of the sudden cold snap.

Professor Matthew Hibberd, who has lectured and researched at institutions such as the University of Italian Switzerland and the University of Stirling, was due to come to De Montfort University (DMU) yesterday to give a lecture about the effects of climate change and crisis communications.

Unfortunately, in an ironic twist of fate, Professor Hibberd had to cancel his visit due to the harsh weather conditions, including snow and ice, on the roads.

Not all is lost however, Mr Hibberd has pledged that he hopes to re-schedule his visit, although no dates have yet been confirmed.

Forecast chills of down to -15C are enough for anyone to consider cancelling their plans and put the heating on. But why is Britain suddenly so cold?

Named the “beast from the east”, the source of the cold weather is an unusual phenomenon which has led cold Siberian air to flow over to the UK, bringing a blast of snow and ice.

Nevertheless, students at DMU demonstrated the British ‘can do’ and ‘get on with it’ attitude towards the weather.

One first year student at DMU, Jamal Amir, 20, said “The weather hasn’t affected me too badly, sure, I may leave the flat a little less when it’s really cold but whatever the weather, I’ve still things to get done for example, shopping.”

Another DMU student, John Farrell, 21, added: “Yes, the cold is quite uncomfortable but it’s not going to last forever.”

Even with this attitude, students and tutors alike are advised to stay in when the weather turns nasty.

The cold and dry weather is meant to last at least until Thursday, after which the ‘beast from the east’ is meant to retreat back to Siberia.

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