Student voices: DMU students’ opinion on university’s re-useable cup plans

By Chantelle Roberts

De Montfort University wants to give students free re-useable cups in efforts to reduce plastic use on campus.

The aim is to provide one for each student, and by using them, students and staff can get a 20p reduction in hot drinks at the restaurants and cafés on campus.

Here’s what DMU students think about the proposed new plans:

IMG-0805Ayomide Osikoya, 19, studying economics, first year said: “I think it’s good, it’s great because it is encouraging people to be eco-friendly, it will reduce litter on the streets, people will think twice before using plastic cups, also if they have to pay for another one, then that comes out of their own pockets, I think it should be done.”






Dylan Matthews, 19, studying architecture, first year, said: “Yeah I think it’s great because it will reduce the amount of plastic the university uses as a whole.

“I can be a bit forgetful sometimes so I don’t know how it would work for me, but I would definitely try to use the cup they provide and I think it is a good idea.”






Imani Edwards, 20, media studies, third year, said:“It’s a cool idea and gives everyone a chance to at least be aware of their impact on the environment even if it’s just something small like this new idea.

“If everyone tries to stick to this then it could potentially make a real difference.”


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