Politics lecturer discusses Trump and his military transgender ban as part of #DMUpride

By Ross Barnett

De Montfort University continued its #DMUPride month with a talk delivered by Dr Clodagh Harrington which explored US President Donald Trump’s transgender military ban.

A senior lecturer inPicture1 American Politics, Dr Harrington’s talk examined Trump’s policies stating that he had shown limited interest in civil liberties, preferring to focus on business, success and money while also suggesting that he was the most progressive out of the Republican candidates.

Dr Harrington said: “Leicester Pride is in September which is a problem for students as term does not start until October so as LGBTQ history month falls in February, there is not a chance for students to come together.

“It is important that we continue to create an atmosphere where everyone at the institution has the freedom to succeed irrespective of their persuasion.

“As I work in a public liberal institution we don’t experience true gender discrimination but I am sure it is still there. There will always be a need for activists in LGBTQ rights.

“DMU does great work to promote different gender persuasions as do all universities, with this week being an example,” she said.

“There are different talks relating to the subject while the sports teams and societies all do their bit such as wearing multi-coloured laces.”

This was just one of the many events that is being hosted by DMU throughout the month of February.

Upcoming events include a documentary entitled Tongues Untied which explores Black gay life which will be shown in Phoenix Cinema on Thursday, February 15th.

In conjunction with Curve Theatre, DMU students have curated various productions including At a Stretch, winner of the ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award 2017 and Polaris, a dark humour production which ties in perfectly with the Leicester Comedy Festival.

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