DMU Journalism students take to the pitch in FA People’s Cup

By Luke Smith


With the FA People’s Cup just weeks away, the students of De Montfort’s Journalism department are once again in preparation for this year’s competition.

The squad, Pathetico Madrid, will be competing for the second year, having failed to progress through the first round in last year’s competition.

The team this year will consist of Luke Smith as captain, Ruairi O’Connor as manager, with the rest of the squad made up by Derry Keary, Alex Blackwell, Conor de Smith, Dylan Durbin and Oliver Heppenstall.

O’Connor said: “It’s great to get involved in the competition, especially as I can’t play because of my serious knee injury. I’ve always enjoyed playing football and now I have an outlet that allows me to get involved, which is not only great for me physically but mentally too.

“The team is of good mind at the moment, I know we’re feeling confident that we can get out of the group this year, and even start to put together a run towards Wembley!

“The team we’ve got this year has a great variety of players and playing styles, so we’ll be trying out a few different tactics this year, ranging from target man to counter attack, so we endeavour to be one of the more entertaining teams in this year’s competition.

“Yes, there will be teams who are more skilful or are blessed with more pace, but we believe that our expert tactics and game plan can help battle against these more technically gifted team. We thrive on physicality and that’s something we can work with to force other teams into a type of game they’re just not comfortable with.”

The competition takes place on Saturday, February 24, at 2pm at Goals! Leicester, with the eventual winner of the national competition lifting the cup at Wembley during the FA Cup Final on Saturday, May 19.

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