DMU entrepreneur launches charitable betting business

By Ollie Churm

DMU student has today announced that his company ‘FMT’, which specialises in giving football betting advice, will be setting up a new platform giving a helping hand to homeless people in Leicester.

Cameron Ghag, 19, a DMU engineering student, has been giving betting advice on twitter under his brand FMT for six months and has gained over 1,500 followers.

He plans to set up a new platform where people can invest £10 into his company and he will use this money to gain both parties money and use some profits to give food and clothing to homeless people in Leicester.


Cameron said he would rather do the charitable work himself rather than give it to other charities, he said: “I don’t trust other charities to do it, I prefer to do it myself because that way I know exactly where my money is going and I can make sure it’s making a difference.”

Cameron admitted that betting has some risk and accepts he is not always going to win.

However, he claims that there is over a 90 per cent chance of winning by using his tactics and with these odds, he wanted to start his business straight away.

“Saying you’ll start tomorrow is just an excuse, so I decided to just go ahead and get started right now,” he said.

The charity aspect came after Cameron read a book called “the paradox of generosity” from which he says he learnt that by doing positive things, you will receive positive things in return.

He said: “If you give out positive energy the energy will find the perfect time to come back to you, whether it be in a week or a year.”

His ambition doesn’t stop there, he wants to make a platform that isn’t necessarily just for betting, but also having a social aspect, where people can talk about all sporting opinions.

You can find Cameron on Twitter at @InplayFMT



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