De Montfort arts clubs are stunning success

by Ollie Heppenstall

A De Montfort University outreach co-ordinator is aiming to expand on the success of local arts clubs in and around Leicester an

One of the children at the arts club

d run as part of the DMU Square Mile projects by opening a campus-based arts club.

Jonjo Elliott, a DMU local outreach co-ordinator and artist, has been running the clubs for the last eight months at StudionAme in St Matthews, Thurnby Lodge Community Centre, Fosse Neighbourhood Centre and the Beaumont Leys E2 Learning Centre, with outstanding success.

He said: “With the loss of art classes becoming more frequent in schools, these clubs are a much-needed outlet for creativity.

“Our classes give kids an opportunity to explore creative processes in a working studio where the risk of making a mess is actually encouraged and also offers the chance for kids to work with parents, friends and grandparents to make things they can be proud of.

Fellow DMU-based artist Marcus Dove has also been getting involved with the arts clubs, balancing an international art career with community work commitments.

Mr Elliott added: “We regularly get between 10 and 25 kids at each club every Saturday, and it’s my goal to get 100 kids making art every week across all four.

“I’m also interested in opening a club on campus at some point in 2018.”

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