Departments faculty team first to take trophy home in DMU competition

By Muhsin Cabdi

Six faculties faced off in a series of contests in the first week of De Montfort University’s Faculty Championship.

The contest, which is taking place over the course of the year, involves a series of events where the teams go head-to-head for the trophy, with the team that held it for the longest time being crowned Faculty Champions.

The teams are open to all students, with the departments team consisting of staff and DMU sports society members.

The first event was held last week, with the Departments faculty becoming the first team to take the trophy home.

Mollie Footitt, the Students’ Union’s deputy president of education took part in the event last week as a member of the departments team.

She said: “There were eight or nine different events that night. There was a quiz, a hungry hippos game and an eating contest.”

Last week’s events also featured a dodgeball contest between the faculties.

Derrick Mensah, the DMU student union’s vice president of activities also said: “Next week there is going to be a talent show.”

Mollie also said: “We won the last round. I think DMU Sport has the trophy, I think it’s in their office.”

Derrick said that he was still waiting on the final score.

Departments won against the faculties of health and life sciences, business and law, technology, arts and humanities and educational partners to be the first team to claim the trophy.

In the coming weeks, the other teams will have the chance to win the trophy back from them in other weekly contests.

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