De Montfort University launches Pride month for students

Credit: Benson Kua

By Alex Murray

De Montfort University this week launched #DMUPride to celebrate the diversity and acceptance of the LGBT+ community.

The #DMUPride month was launched on Monday (February 5) with T-Shirts and rainbow cupcakes being handed out to students.

Credit: Benson Kua

Events such as a seminar on LGBT+ inclusivity in Higher Education, a talk exploring President Trump’s attempted transgender military ban and special theatre performances of acclaimed productions will fill the month to celebrate the diversity on campus.

Abbie Crawford, a second year Media and Communications student at DMU, feels that support by universities is important to help LGBT students like herself and said: “I feel that in any modern, forward-thinking university setting, faculty and the powers that be showing support for LGBT students is of utmost importance. The same goes for all other oppressed minorities.”

Miss Crawford believes that events such as #DMUPride are important to help students feel a part of the university setting, especially with the hardships that some have to go through such as homo/transphobic hate crimes, and the increased rate of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

“Being LGBT comes with its own nuances and challenges in the everyday life and to be in an environment where you feel like those in charge recognise your voice and your identity, even celebrate it with you through events like DMU Pride, it’s makes you that bit more comfortable to study here,” added miss Crawford.

The #DMUPride events will run from February 7 to the end of the month, with all the events being free to DMU students.

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