Faculty Championship marks a victory for the DSU

By Bethany Spence

Last Thursday (Feb 1) an inter-faculty competition between students and staff from all six faculties was launched to a roaring – and whistling – success.

Taking part in the various challenges were teams Health and Life Sciences, Business and Law, Technology, Team Department, Team EP and Art, Design and Humanities.

After many years of events to bring the university together, the De Montfort Students’ Union finally found a fun and united way of bringing people together for a bit of friendly rivalry.

Derrick Mensah, the DMU Vice President of Student Activities at the Students’ Union, presented the game show styled championships to the in-studio audience and over YouTube’s live streaming platform with the help of representatives of Demon Media.

More than 1,000 students and faculty staff took part on the night in games such as Not So Hungry Hippos, dodgeball and the Surprise Round, which featured a faculty wide dance off to a mash-up of song genres.

Amidst the cheerful chaos and plentiful allegations between teams, camaraderie was rampant through the joining of students from all years, courses and ages in each faculty. The winners, Team Department, were overjoyed by their victory after leading throughout the games.

Further Faculty Championship events will be announced in the coming weeks, starting with The Faculty Talent Show on Monday, February 12, to coincide with DMU’s RAG week and The Faculty Games (date to be announced).

First year Tech quiz member Renz Sarabia said: “This is a great way for us to meet other people across the department, as otherwise we don’t mingle as much as I thought we would.

“It’s also really nice that I could share this with people back home through the live stream as I got to have my family cheer me on.”

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