Leicester students launch new music website: Listen Responsibly

By Alex Leadbitter

Students in Leicester recently launched Listen Responsibly, an exciting new music website offering music listeners something new.

Founders, Chris Daunt, 20, an English Language and Journalism student, and Elliot Ellis, 19, a Graphic Design student, started creating the website in the summer of 2017.

Chris said: “Elliot is semi-professional designer and does web design freelance, so he insisted on building a site from scratch.

“[Elliot] was just coding and I was just writing as much as I could so as to make the site look fairly filled when we started.”

The team also features writers, artists and designers from different universities around the UK.


An example of the custom artwork designed for the website by Jéssica Martins – ‘Daft Punk is playing at my warehouse’

Currently, Listen Responsibly is largely an album review website but also features EP reviews and playlists.

The reviews cover a wide spectrum of genres with pieces written about artists such as BROCKHAMPTON, Björk, LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire.

According to Chris, Listen Responsibly is a website that can be accessible to anyone who has an interest in music.

He said: “It’s for all music lovers: metal heads, sad boys, people who listen exclusively to trap, people who exclusively listen to acid dark synth.

“Because we want everyone to appreciate all music types.”

Still in its infancy, Listen Responsibly has already gained a small following on its Facebook page.

When asked why they decided to create the website, Chris said: “We started because we think we can do it well. With a unique style and unique content. Ideally we want to get somewhat of a cult following.”

Although the website has only recently launched, there is already a lot of content for any music fan to enjoy at http://listenresponsibly.net/.

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