DMU artists begin exhibition at Leicester gallery

By Alex Murray

Fine Art students from De Montfort University have launched their new exhibition at the Lightbox Gallery in Leicester.

This is the second year of an exhibition at the gallery which is curated by the students, features various pieces of work by first, second and third years and focuses on the theory of movement throughout the body.

Picture: Daniel Dennis Media

Conner Villette Lawman, a second year Fine Art student, explained how they set the exhibition up. He said: “When putting up the work, it took us time to configure what would go where.

“A lot of the work received related to the body and genetics; from here we then generated the theory of movement throughout the body.”

The exhibition is an insight into the work of the DMU artists, showing what it means to be an artist in modern times. It also gives an opportunity for students to showcase their work.

Mr Lawman also described what you can expect to see if you visit the exhibition.

“As soon as you enter the gallery you notice a few big pieces especially with a white and black piece based on genetics and DNA,” he said.


He added: “From the stage end you start from there and then see the exploration of the body and also colour as well with the bright bold nature from all the pieces.”

The exhibition opened to a reception, with free Prosecco being handed out to visitors. The event attracted many visitors, with some artwork also being on sale.

The exhibition opened on January 3 and runs until February 5, at the Lightbox Gallery, which is part of the Leicester Creative Business Depot.

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