De Montfort student enjoys second role as a Special Constable with the police

by Ollie Heppenstall

A De Montfort University policing student has spoken positively about the opportunities brought to him as a result of being a Special Constable working with Leicestershire Police.

Rees Warren, 22, from Chesterfield, was commissioned as a special constable in October 2017 at the start of his Second Year and hasn’t looked back since.

Rees Warren police interview

He said: “A special constable is a volunteer police officer with exactly the same power and accountability as a regular (one), with the same training and vetting.”

Mr Warren has worked a few shifts and finds the training beneficial to him both as a professional and a student.

“It’s essentially the same job but worked around every day life, which includes my academic studies here at DMU.”

He added “As a kid I wanted a career in football, but after several injuries and being released by a few clubs I decided to try and find an obtainable career.”

Being a Special Constable hasn’t affected his student lifestyle, he said: “I don’t think it’s had any effect on being able to experience what it is to be a student and all the social.

“I don’t pretend to be what I’m not – I rarely drink and don’t do drugs because it isn’t what I aspire to do, I don’t feel it’s stopped me at all.

“It’s definitely been worth it so far, even if I don’t end up as a full constable, I’ve gained skills for life and I’ve got some great memories.

“On my first shift I saw an older couple take in a guy who’d been mugged, they fed him, got some ice on his wounds and made sure he was comfortable until we arrived along with the ambulance. It’s really great to see acts of kindness like that when you least expect it.”


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