‘DMU 2018 Naked Calendar’ to raise money for charity

By Daniel Siggins

Societies from across De Montfort University have teamed up to pose for a 2018 naked calendar.

Members of the Netball, Korfball, Hockey, Rugby and Snow Sports teams have collaborated on the calendar, which will raise funds for The Sudden Adult Death Trust.

Snow Sports Calendar

Dominic Bryan, who is a third year studying computer science and a member of the snow sports society, explained what it was like participating in the calendar.

“I was nervous at first as I had never been a part of one before but once everyone had got their clothes off and you are all posing for the camera, you lose the nerves,” he said.

“It was a good laugh, however, but posing for so long is hard work.”

The Sudden Adult Death Trust is a charity with close links to DMU and has been promoted at the university by former England Rugby Union player Martin Johnson and Kasabian Bass Guitarist Chris Edwards.

The Charity deals with the condition Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome.

The condition causes a cardiac arrest by bringing on a ventricular arrhythmia, despite an individual not having a disease which affects the structure of the heart.

Gareth Unwin, who is the Snow Sports committee secretary and member for media, explained the importance of societies helping out charities.

“Our Vice-Chancellor, Dominic Shellard, mentioned in the Vice Chancellors Activities Dinner last week the importance of raising money for charity and named a few societies that had raised hundreds if not thousands of pounds for good causes.

“Also, with DMU being a university with numerous charity based initiatives, I feel it is ingrained in our experience at DMU to give something back to the community and help out valuable causes.”

Mr Unwin also explained the process in deciding upon a naked calendar as the way to raise money.

“We decided that as a society we wanted to raise some money for charity and an idea we did originally have was to do a sponsored walk up Snowdon in Wales.

“However, we as a committee decided on doing a calendar and we made it clear that any involvement in the calendar was optional due to the sensitive nature of it.”

The calendar can be purchased at http://sadsuk.org.uk/newsite/ for £6, by clicking on ‘more’ and then ‘products’.