Air rifle shooter still at large after injuring student

By Erik Dawson

On the night of the 23rd of November, De Montfort University student Lewis Holmes was taking his usual route back home from work when he was struck by a metal air rifle pellet, shot from a nearby window. The assailant still has not been caught.


Lewis Holmes, 18, originally from Boston, Lincolnshire but currently studying Business Management at De Montfort University was cycling home from his shift at Boots at around 10pm.

As the student cycled down Eastern Boulevard toward his accommodation at Liberty Park, he was shot in the thigh by an air rifle, the metal pellet becoming lodged in his leg.

When interviewed Lewis explained that he ‘heard a loud crack and for a second I didn’t realise what had happened. It was only when I felt a sharp pain in my thigh and saw blood I realised I had been hit by something.’

When he had made it back to his accommodation, Lewis assessed the damage done to his leg. He added ‘There was a lot of bleeding and as I cleaned it I could see the metal ball still in my leg.’ Lewis then, with the help of fellow student and flatmate Archie Murfitt, walked to the Leicester Royal Infirmary where the metal pellet was removed from his thigh, and the wound was stitched together.

When asked today about what his opinion is on the incident, Lewis said ‘I still feel shocked by what happened. I didn’t think something like that would happen in the area, let alone to me.’ Lewis is now fully recovered and still working on his degree.

The police were called to the hospital where they took a statement from the victim and a police enquiry was launched. Unfortunately there was no CCTV in the area to catch the suspect.

If you have been involved in any similar incidents, or have any information on an assailant contact:

Leicestershire Police – Telephone Number: 101


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