Video: Blindfolded man hurdles through fire

By Charlie Bourne

A daredevil street performer treated the public to an exhilarating display of showmanship as he ran through a series of fire hoops while blindfolded.

After cordoning off the area with a rope, the performer, known simply as ‘the Street Runner’, began asking the crowd “if they wanted to be entertained.”

Daniel Faure, a spectator, said: “A random guy running through fire isn’t something I thought I’d see today but it was definitely entertaining. I mean, probably not as dangerous as he made out but he could have got hurt if it went bad. It made me part with 50p anyway so I did enjoy it.

“He dragged it out a bit but I think he was just trying to make sure lots of people were watching, but it’s different from the singers and stuff that usually busk so I can get behind it.”

street runner pic

The daredevil hurdling through the fire

A large crowd soon surrounded the performer, who then set alight two obstacles before blindly hurdling through them, fortunately avoiding catching fire.

Upon finishing the act, the Street Runner respectfully asked for donations from the crowd for his risk-taking performance.

Following the performance, a gentleman from the crowd approached the hurdles after the flames were put out, despite the performer’s instruction to stay behind the rope he laid out.

“I don’t know why he did that, he probably thought it wasn’t real or something like that,” Mr Faure said.

“It was obvious there were things set up so that the audience was safe but you can only do so much I guess.”

This isn’t the first time a civilian has meddled with a performer’s act in the city centre.

Earlier in the year, a man dressed in all silver was embarrassingly captured swearing loudly on BBC’s East Midlands Today.

While in the act of standing perfectly still, a spectator tried to argue with the performer, claiming he was taking money from the homeless.

Angered by the comments, the performer began to hurl abuse back.

Leicester city centre often entertains many various street performers or speakers that often go unnoticed as many choose to simply walk on.

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