Students in Leicester set to gain insight from one of world’s leading scientists

Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize winner

By Elliot Leadbetter

One of the world’s leading scientists, Nobel Prize winner Sir Paul Nurse will be holding a guest lecture at De Montfort University entitled ‘Making Science Work’.

Sir Paul is a geneticist and cell biologist, and his discoveries have aided the explanation of cell growth and division.

Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize winner

Professor Parvez Haris, Head of Research for the School of Allied Health Sciences at De Montfort University, said: “What I like about Sir Paul Nurse is that he truly cares for science and is working day and night to make a difference for us all.

“Sir Paul wants to see support for research wherever it is found, which is great news for researchers wherever they are based, whether that be in industry, charities, research institutes or universities.”

After being awarded a knighthood in 1999 for his contributions to cell biology and cancer research, Sir Paul was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2001 for his research on the discovery of molecules that regulate the cell cycle.

He served as the president of The Royal Society for a five-year term, and is now Director of the Crick Institute, one of the world’s leading centres for biomedical research.

Professor Parvez added: “I would like to see Sir Paul being named as the ‘People’s Scientist’, because winning a Nobel Prize did not keep him away from the public.

“Instead of a quiet life, he chose to engage with the public, the politicians and the researchers to make science work for all of us, including our environment.

“It is therefore no wonder that despite his busy schedule, he accepted my invitation to come and present a lecture to our students, staff and the local community.”

In his lecture, Sir Paul will discuss how science can improve health and quality of life, solve the world’s biggest problems, drive our economies, enhance our culture, and develop civilization.

The lecture will be held on December 6 for an hour, starting at 2pm, book a place here.


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