Leicester skateboarders offered YouTube opportunity

By Rhys Shipman

A Leicester skater has called for more enthusiasts to join his ever-growing YouTube channel, as he intends to give opportunities to young skaters.

Paul Randell, 20, plans to broadcast new video content featuring young ‘boarders’ on his Youtube channel – ‘Paul Randell1’.

The Youtube channel, which features several videos from Paul’s old stomping ground of Tamworth has accumulated over 1,000 views, with clips starring sponsored skaters such as Danny Brown.

Paul’s goal is to help young skaters reach their potential, by restarting his channel to provide a platform for budding skaters to showcase their skills.


Paul plans to relaunch his skating channel

He said: “It’s been a few months planning to bring the channel back, it’s always been a hobby of mine to edit skate videos and its something that I would like to produce again.”

Throughout the past few years the skating industry has grown under influence from Youtube, which has given skaters a chance to make money from their videos.

This craze has meant skating brands such as Thrasher, which is one of the biggest suppliers of skating gear in the industry, has accumulated more than one million subscribers after uploading content onto YouTube.

Paul says his skateboarding heroes Tiago Lemos and Yurri Facchini inspired him to set up the channel.

He said: “These skaters have the same tool as I do when filming their channels, so if I can find the right skaters and make good content then my skate videos should circulate round the community.”

Paul hopes that by giving experienced and rookie skaters a chance to appear in his videos, all involved will benefit all as a result.

“Giving people an opportunity to prove what they can do in front of a camera and helping me try to reach more people with my channel seems like a good medium to have for all who participate in the new scheme.”

Details of when and where the videos will be shot are expected to come out in the next few weeks, with promising skaters encouraged to contact Paul through his Youtube channel.

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