Leicester Citizens bless the rains down in Africa

By Mickey Evans

A flash mob of  music fanatics appeared to sing an 80’s classic outside Town Hall, last Saturday night.

For just half-an-hour, the fountain outside Leicester town hall was flocked to by people who wanted to join in an impromptu rendition of Toto’s ‘Africa’.

According to the page’s Facebook page, over 500 people attended the half-hour long event.

The 1982 classic has re-surfaced recently, due to social media and internet culture.

Other songs were sung during the half-hour, such as The Darkness’ ‘I believe in a thing called love,’ and Bon Jovi’s power ballad, ‘Living on a prayer’.

The event is also set to spawn a number of copy cats, such as ‘Singing Toto – Africa in pigeon park’ coming soon to Birmingham, and ‘Singing 7th element in Bede Park Leicester,’ to be held later this month.

A post made by an admin of the event, Sam Shepard, read: “Watch this space for more to come…”

Attendees of the event sung together for the full half-an-hour, with the songs themselves being played from a small speaker.


Eloise Coleman, student and attendee, said: “I only came to see if it actually happened,”

“Turns out there’s loads of people, way more than I expected.

“You see these random events on Facebook, but don’t think much of them, but to see so many people is actually really exciting.

“80s music really does bring people together.”

Students weren’t the only ones to take singing to the streets.

Peter Dern, 58, said: “I was on my way home, when I started hearing people singing Africa, and went to investigate.

“I had no idea about any Facebook event, very surprised to hear Toto, you’d expect them to want to sing something more modern.”

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