Gelato festival brings Italian culture to St Martin’s Square

By Kerri Stevenson

Sweet-toothed children and adults alike gathered at Leicester’s St Martin’s Square to celebrate all things gelato by sampling unique creations made by special guests.

The event, which took place  between 11am and 6pm from Friday through to Sunday, saw talks and tastings by famous Italian ice cream makers including Matteo Carloni, Antonio Luzi, Vera Castrovilli and Alessia Torselli.

Leicester’s top bakers were also invited to take part in the festival by creating a host of gelato-inspired breads. 

Food blogger Laura Hadland, who attended the festival, said: “It was a great success as it was completely unique and we have never seen such a diverse group of maestri gelatieri (master gelato makers) together in one place.

IMG_20171026_112108“The main theme of this event was ‘getting to know gelato’- to help the public understand how real, authentic artisan gelato is made solely from the finest seasonal raw ingredients.”

Gelato Village was founded in 2014 by Antonio De Vecchi and Daniele Taverna, who originate from Turin, Italy, and are passionate about bringing the authentic treat to the UK.

Throughout the year, the duo keep a close eye on seasonality and local availability to make sure that every single serving of gelato they produce tastes perfect.

To gain more publicity for the event on social media the company’s Twitter account started the #gelato2 hashtag to live tweet everything that was happening.

Laura added: “As the event has been such a big success this year, it would be amazing if it was to happen again in the coming years.

“As well as making gelato, Gelato Village are raising the profile of this fantastic artisan craft, which is quickly gaining popularity across the country.”

For more information, visit Gelato Village’s Twitter page at @gelato_village or call them on 0116 319 2252.


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