‘Student Sessions’ leads to tired lessons following late night sales

by Tyler Arthur

Thousands of bargain hunters flocked to Highcross Shopping Centre Leicester for an annual discounted late-night student shopping event  – especially for the city’s two universities.

The ‘Student Sessions’ event provided discounts for people who showed their ID upon purchase, in selected shops, between 8PM and midnight last Tuesday (Oct 10).

Matt Thomas, 20, who works at Footasylum, was on hand in the stockroom receiving constant requests for the discounted footwear and clothing that they had to offer.

“It was better than a normal shift because it was busier, and there was always something to do to keep me busy and pass time,” Matt said.

The event attracted a sizeable crowd, as it does every year, and the store was even required to call upon extra people to cater to the extreme demand over the four-hour flash sale, calling upon assistance from employees from stores as far away as Birmingham.

The event ended at midnight, with hundreds of happy customers served throughout the night, but many employees had to stick around after they closed to prepare for the next day, when trade would return to normal.

However, as many of the employees of the stores are also students, and with shifts ending even more than an hour after the sale ended at 12, some complained of having to work a late night ahead of the next morning’s university lectures.


Leicester Highcross photo que

Queuing students waiting to be let into Highcross for the event.

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