DSU to celebrate 2017’s Black History Month this October with a variety of activities

By Muhsin Cabdi

Open-mic nights, picture galleries and film evenings are among a range of activities set to mark the  Black History Month this October at De Montfort University.

The yearly celebration is aimed at marking the accomplishments and achievements of black people throughout the course of history.

This is what Jessica Okwuonu, vice president of welfare and community at De Montfort University, had in mind when she began planning a month’s worth of  campus events and activities.

She said: “There was spoken word poems, there were hip hop society performers and people singing”

Jessica also said: “It was a night that let us reflect on what Black History Month meant to us”.

The Student’s Union building currently features a collection of images of famous black people, listing their accomplishments.

It features political figures like Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela, as well as sporting icons like Serena Williams.

Upcoming events planned for Black History Month include film nights, where people are encouraged to come together to watch films about race or black culture.

The films are “Selma” on the 11th October, “Bring it on” on the 18th October and “Hidden figures” on the 25th October, with “Selma” and “Hidden figures” being viewed on the Vijay Patel screen.


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