Plans for vehicle depollution centre granted

By Max Pearson

Despite objections from local residents and multiple councillors, Leicester City Council agreed on plans to convert a former household recycling centre into an End of Life Centre at a Planning and Development Control Committee (April 26).

The End of Life Centre, which is currently based on Jarvis Street, focuses on depolluting cars before they are sent to a scrapyard.

The procedure includes the removal of engine oil, brake fluid and batteries, amongst other items.

The site on Bridge Road, which has been disused since 2015 after the City Council relocated its recycling centre to Gypsum Close, will see the End of Life Centre relocate from Jarvis Street as part of the Waterside regeneration project.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.44.50

The new site on Bridge Road

The City Council is currently looking at relocating businesses from the Waterside part of the city as part of its regeneration plan for the area.

Talking about the suitability of the new site, Norman Hudson, who owns the centre that was the only qualified business in Leicestershire for the 2010 scrappage scheme, said: “It has many of the infrastructure system in place.”

The infrastructure includes a closed drainage system.

The application also proposes the construction of a single storey detached building that will be used to store vehicles once they have arrived at the site.

The majority of vehicles, that will be brought onto the site, will be collected by one of the company’s vehicle transporters, with between four and six vehicles expected to be delivered daily.

Prior to the Planning and Development Control Committee, the application had received 10 objections and a petition containing 24 signatures had been submitted, which also rejected the idea.

Objections were formed mainly on the grounds of noise, air quality and parking.

One of the objectors, Cllr Luis Fonseca said: “My concern is the health and wellbeing and safety of the residents around the area as a whole.

“As you may be aware, this area is one of the most populated areas in Leicestershire.”

He added: “Some of the 2 or 3 bedroom properties have about 15 to 16 people living in it.”

“As this area is hugely populated, the number of cars parked outside the property is immense and there is the possibility of an accident, due to more traffic congestion if this application goes ahead.

Despite objections, the application was approved by the committee on the grounds that the centre is only open between 07.30 and 18.00 on Monday to Fridays and between 09.00 and 13.00 on Saturdays.

When talking about being open on Saturdays, Mr Hudson said: ‘We work Saturdays as some people work all week.”

Cllr Khote chose to withdraw from the meeting for the length of the application as she declared interest as councillor for the ward.


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