Beaumont Leys Lane extension construction to be debated by council


By Declan Lloyd

Today, after complaints from residents, including potential decreased property values, Leicester City Council will debate plans for an extension to a property on Beaumont Leys Lane in Leicester.

The proposed construction, on 46 Beaumont Leys Lane, involves a single storey extension to the front and rear of the property, as well as a two storey extension at the side of the property and a single storey outbuilding being at the rear of the property.

The application made to the Leicester City Council Planning Committee will be debated by councillors after there were 12 objections.

Reasons for the objections include residents concerned about loss of light, detriment to local living environment and the character or appearance of the property leading to reduced property values.

Other issues include issues with access to parking.

An objector to the construction and local resident, Adam Hill, said: “If this property goes ahead our houses will be worth less.

“Not to mention the noise that I expect from the building work.

“I hope that the council rejects this application fully.”

However in the agenda for the meeting includes that the proposal is ‘an acceptable design’ and that ‘it unlikely to have any significant detrimental impact on the character of the street scene or the adjoining properties’.

The overall recommendation by the planning officer is for approval.

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