Shama Women’s Centre has its funding slashed by Leicester City Council

By Harry Rogers

A Leicester women’s centre is to have its funding cut in half by the city council, it was announced last night.

Shama Women’s Centre, located on Sparkenhoe Street, originally had its full £30,000 grant recalled by Leicester City Council until a deal was reached before last night’s Overview Committee meeting, to have the money halved to £15,000, in a one-off payment.

A city council spokesperson said: “We have agreed to provide Shama with a six-month grant of £15,000 in order to tide it over a difficult short-term financial situation, after which it will be receiving Lottery grant funding.”

Leicester City Council was forced to half the grant due to substantial budget cuts from central government.

Councillor Jean Khote told last night’s meeting: “The £30,000 is Shama’s rent, how is it going to deliver the services if it hasn’t got any money?

“According to the information given, it says (without the grant) Shama will close down.”

The centre has other funding streams which Leicester City Council is hoping will contribute to the services provided by Shama.

Cllr Baljit Singh, who chaired the meeting, said: “The discussions and negotiations were specifically with Shama, its administrators and management board. They have accepted their position.”

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