Flares set alight in Yates pub

By Charlie Bourne

Two flares were set alight in Yates pub prior to the Premier League clash between Leicester City and Stoke City on Saturday around 1.30pm, which lead to fire alarms being triggered from within the public house.


Yates pub

The incident came just hours after the Leicestershire Police football official twitter account tweeted warnings to visiting fans regarding pyrotechnics: “FLARES | A reminder pyrotechnics are not allowed in the King Power Stadium.”

Despite no flares being set off during the game, the incident at Yates pub was believed to be caused by travelling away supporters, although police have not confirmed reports.

Tom Murphy, a DMU student who was in the pub as the incident unfolded, said: “I was in the pub just having a drink and some lunch, I wasn’t even going to the game after or with any Leicester fans.

“There was a lot of noise coming from the other side of the pub and then there was just smoke everywhere and fire alarms started going off, but there wasn’t much panic everyone stayed pretty calm.

“It’s a shame as I quite like it in Yates and will be going back, but as far as jokes in football go I thought it was pretty minor.”

With Leicestershire police seemingly aware of the threat of flares before the game, it will be interesting to see whether security measures both around the city and in the stadium are increase as a result of this incident.

The travelling away fans who travelled to the King Power saw their side lose 2-0 to the champions, after a turn of form has seen them win their first 4 games under new manager Craig Shakespeare.

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