The Vijay Patel Building’s giant screen: Wasted potential or golden opportunity?

By Cameron Armstrong-Wilson

After the recent development work on the DMU campus, the large talking point has been the giant LED screen on the Vijay Patel building.


The 34sq m display is part of the £136 million campus revamp that has seen the university take on a new identity to enter the modern age.

Some students, however, believe the screen is being underused and is a sad waste of potential.

Paul Wray, 19, is a first year Computing student and he feels that the screen being off is a real tragedy.

‘On open days, the giant screen offers potential students the opportunity to see some of the amazing work created here at DMU.

‘With so many creative courses in media, film and game art, it seems a waste to not show some sort of showreel of student work on the screen during open day hours.’

Oliver Catchpole, 18, is a first year Human Resources student and he agrees with Paul, feeling disappointed with the usage of the screen, he believes there’s an opportunity to bring DMU students together.

“Varsity was a time when the DMU community felt quite close knit, it would have been nice to see some of the larger games broadcast on the screen, or at least a live score cast.

“Larger international events, especially those in the summer like the World Cup or the Olympics, could really create a community atmosphere as people could gather in the seating area in the sun and watch the games.’

While the screen has seen a lot more usage over recent weeks, it is clear that students feel as though there is some serious wasted potential there.

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