Prince Harry shows support for Leicester pupils

Prince Harry Participating in Activities with Year 8 Pupils of Hamilton College

Prince Harry at Hamilton College (photography by Crown Weddings)

By Chantelle Roberts

Staff at a charity which helps school pupils with their self-confidence have spoken of the thrill of being visited by Prince Harry.

Prince Harry visited Hamilton College in the morning last Wednesday in support of Kainé Management Ltd: a small registered charity based in Leicester.

Kainé Management runs the Yes You Can and I Have a Dream programmes, the former running 20-week projects with Year 8 pupils referred by their school, the latter with primary pupils.

Maxine Chambers, an associate at Kainé Management, said Prince Harry was “very supportive of the work” and came across as “down to earth and considerate of all in attendance.”

The I Have a Dream programme uses the famous Martin Luther King Jr speech to motivate the primary pupils to work to achieve their dreams.

Harry showed his support by engaging in activities with the children, meeting with Greg Smith, manager of the two programmes, who was nominated to escort the royal visitor around the project.

Maxine reflected on Prince Harry’s visit to Hamilton College.

She said: “For our young people it was a great experience as they learn that anything can happen if you believe it, work hard and overcome your barriers.”

She added: “Getting to meet Prince Harry was probably the least thing they expected and so it was great for them to experience this.”

harry 1

Kainé Management welcoming Prince Harry’s visit (photography by Crown Weddings)

harry 3

Manager Greg Smith (centre) and Associate Maxine Chambers with Prince Harry (photography by Crown Weddings)


Prince Harry with Year 8 pupils at Hamilton College (photography by Crown Weddings)


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