Football-lover desperate to return after devastating injury

By Danial Nash

A De Montfort University student studying Journalism is desperate to get back into football after a debilitating knee injury last year.R PIC 1


Ruairi, pictured left, celebrating a goal by his team

Ruairi O’Connor, 19, suffered damage to his medial collateral ligament after playing for his local Sunday league team in Harrow, North West London, in 2016.

The damage happened after he had turned sharply during a game and as he went to sprint away, he felt his knee collapse in on itself.

Ruairi had been playing football since he was five years old and made the switch from junior to adult football three years ago.

He said: “It is extremely frustrating and disheartening not to be able to play football for such a long period of time because it’s been such a big part of my life.

“It is something I definitely won’t take for granted again.”

At DMU, like most universities across the country, there are a variety of sport societies which you can join, become involved in and compete in university leagues.

De Montfort University football club is Ruairi’s target for next year.

He said: “I am very interested in playing for the university next year. I love the feeling of being part of a team. I am extremely competitive and this fuels me to show people what I could have done this season.”

Ruairi is still undergoing treatment and trips to specialist hospitals for his knee, with hopes to return to competitive football again soon.

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