Beastwang warehouse rave proves huge success

By Matthew Knight

The organisers of Leicester’s biggest underground music event have pulled off one of their best nights of bassline.

The event on Friday (March 24th) in St Johns Street was a sell-out.

20170328_153708Chloe Baxter, a 20-year-old Business and Globalisation student at DMU, said: “The venue was really unexpected.

“Most Beastwang events have been in the Music Café which has been quite sweaty and crowded, but this place was spacious, even at the front.”

She added: “The venue wasn’t too much of a trek away seeing as I refuse to pay for a taxi, the bar was big so it was easy to get served as well.

“The only negatives I could say about the place were the toilets; it seemed ridiculous to wait in a queue for 20 minutes when some class DJ’s were on.”

The question on everyone’s minds seems to be whether they will keep the new venue as a permanent fixture, or leave it as a o
ne off.

“I personally think they will use it again in the future,” continued Chloe.

“Beastwang is growing, and you can tell that more and more people are coming as each event comes around.

“The Music Café hasn’t got the capacity to hold much more, but this place does.”

Beastwang’s events are more bassline than any other genre, with the occasional grime and drum and bass event. People seem to be wanting a mix up of genres to come out of these events.

Miss Baxter said, “100 percent they should change up the genres.

“I enjoy bassline music, and have grown to love it more since being at university. However, I have always enjoyed drum and bass more, which is something we definitely don’t see enough of here in Leicester.

“Beastwang have done only one drum and bass night, which was sick, but we need more. I know that they have done a grime event as well, which shows that they can be versatile.

“They should try and progress and steer away from too much bassline though, as it can definitely be a bit too repetitive.”

The hype and anticipation behind the warehouse rave made it hard to not get excited for it, and it definitely delivered to the audience and no one was disappointed.

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