Akala to attend BME event at De Montfort University

By Oliver Churm

Award winning rapper Akala, known for his politically inspired raps, has agreed to attend an event aiming to inspire Black Minority Ethnic (BME) students at De Montfort University on Wednesday (APR 5th).

Akala, who has done talks on black history at Oxford and has also been on the famous radio show Fire in the Booth four times, has agreed to attend.

It is all part of a BME Inspired event organised by De Montfort Students’ Union, which will take place from 1.30pm until 5pm.

Akala is well known for rapping about what he calls “matters that actually matter” and highlighting thought-provoking topics through both his music and his talks.

19358449303_bd93ef23ba_b.jpg      Picture taken by Ben Pugh www.flickr.com/photos/benpugh/19358449303/in/photostream/

BME inspired is what the executive team at DSU have planned in order to spark conversation and awareness while possibly finding a solution to the large BME attainment gap in higher education.

The event will cover three main topics: BME identity, BME in higher education and BME in leadership. Its main goal is to significantly reduce and hopefully eradicate the BME attainment gap in higher education.

Danny Sian, a Computer Science student, spoke of how excited he is for the event.

“I can’t wait to hear everyone’s opinions and the fact that Akala is going to be there makes it an event you really can’t miss” he said.

Other speakers at the event will include Black Students’ Officer Aadam Muuse andInternational Officer Mostafa Rajaai –  both from the National Union of Students (NUS).

Alongside this, Éireann Attridge from Cambridge University Students’ Union and Kaushika Patel, is the project leader for DMU’s Freedom to Achieve scheme.

The event will feature panel discussions as well as Q&A sessions, and while it is targeted at BME students it is open to all at DMU to attend.

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